USS TUNNY 2019 Reunion, Charleston, South Carolina

Updated:  September 18, 2019

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A message from Warren Branges, President, USS TUNNY Association.  The 2019 Tunny Reunion is just 39 days away and you’re running out of reasons for why you haven’t completed and mailed your Reunion Registration Package.  A copy is attached, so no more excuses.

“I spilled coffee on it”, “I used it to line the bird cage” and “The dog ate it” are officially retired and are no longer authorized.

There is still time to get onboard and join the party.

The Town and Country has graciously extended the cutoff date for hotel reservations at the reunion rate, as long as there are rooms available.  However, the hotel is FULL on Friday 10/25 and Saturday 10/26.  Rooms are still available for Sunday 10/27 through Thursday 11/1.  Fall is a busy season for Charleston and hotels are expected to be full – don’t wait to make your reservation.

Solid head counts are essential to complete many of the final arrangements for the reunion; your timely registration makes this a much easier task and is appreciated.

Our Guest Speaker for the Wednesday Evening Program is Keith Post, STSCS(SS) (ret).  Keith is the Executive Director of the St. Mary’s Submarine Museum and will be with us Monday through Wednesday. 

As of close of business today (9/17), the count is 78 (42 Shipmates and 36 guests):


APSS:   Lee Ashcraft, Mike and Mariann Burkholder, Vern and Minda Calen, Bob and Peggy Christman, Ron and Rita Dykes, Ernie Goodwin and Terrie Bleashka, Jim Hovis and Karyn Snider, Tom and Carra McGuire, Rich and Sharon Pescatore, Bruce and Barb Tate, Dennis Urffer, and Kimo and Norma Weltzien.

SSG:   Perry Beem and Marilyn Sell, Bill and Lynda Benzick, Hooper and Joan Cutler, Allen Eckert, Jay and Audrey Evans, Bill Hardt and Janice Doyle, Burt and Viola Haviland, Dan and Lanye Moss, Ray Olszewski and Nancy Ingerson, John and Adrienne Shaffer, Al and Angie Shinn, Dave and Kathy Whittlesey, and Wally and Gloria Womack.

SSN:   Steve and Helen Clark, Mike and Anna Emerson, Jeep Girouard, Harry Hook, Tom and Bethany Jordan, Leland Marcus, David and Linda Mosley, Alan and Angie Nebola, Bill and Mary Pat O’Connor, Corky and Julie Perales, Don and Lynn Perry, Denny and Nancy Sloan, Vern and Ann Terry, Steve Weise, Steve and Jenny White, and Gil and Brigitte Wolverton.

Guests:   Keith Post

Expected but not yet registered:

APSS:   Jim Woodall and Elaine Braden-Woodall

SSG:   Ed and Barbara Killius

SSN:   Bob Franks, Bill Spencer, Greg Wood, and Jim and Helen Zelfel

Guests:   Janet (Pierce) Whitman and family  (daughter of 282’s WWII CO George Pierce)

Other potential attendees (based on various psychic readings and WestPac rumors):

Bill Green, Keith Tammarine, Gerry Young, Richard Van Horn, Jeremy Lloyd, David Stewart, and John Preston.

It’s looking like a great turnout but we still have room for a few more – come join us in Charleston!

Travel safe.


Warren Branges

(619) 971-8292