The "Silent Service" is no longer Silent

Updated:  February 13, 2020

Here are comments, reviews, and new information received from those who purchased the Olszewski's Tunny book.

Also, I am using this as a place to post new information found that was not included in my book.


2/12/2020:  President's day or Lincoln's birthday!  Warren Branges (SSN 682) wrote me and said the following about my book:  I haven’t had a chance to dig too deep into your book but from what I have read, I’d second Steve’s [White] assessment – Well Done!
2/10/2020: Received from Kathryn Seabrook Gauthier, daughter of former Tunny crewmember, Paul Delbert Seabrook who served on Tunny in 1953 as an Engineman.  He became part of Tunny's Regulus Missile team who was responsible for the integration of that weapons system into Tunny. You can read in Olszewski's book about Tunny's history that Seabrook was one of several who became the Navy's first guided missilemen team.  Click here to take you to a photograph that Kathryn shared which I have taken and elaborated with information about the individuals in the photograph. 
2/9/2020: Since the end of October 2019, a review of my book, USS TUNNY: A History, Tribute, and Memoir has been posted on the Naval Historical Foundation website.  If you have purchased a copy of my book, you are invited to add your comments/review to that which is already posted.  Thank you for doing that.

2/8/2020: Just received input from my newspapers auto research on the Tunny name and the following articles from the early 1950s showed up.  You can simply download them as they were clipped out of 


Article (.pdf)
Date Entered
Subject/Description (latest found are at the top)
Another Regulus Missile Shot off Tunny
Regulus Missiles Boosts Role of Defensive Missiles
Cub Scouts Visit Tunny in Mare Island
Tunny's Human Engineering (wish that I had this info before I published my book)
New Navy Missile Developed at Mugu
Osborn Sends a Letter to Editor about Tunny above Human Engineering Article
Navy Lifts Secrecy on Regulus Missile
Tunny Crewmember Cox has a baby girl Peggy Anne Cox. (See Note 1 below)
George Grimes tells Lions Club about his 3-day trip aboard Tunny
Tunny Crewmen Kirkpatrick Arrested for Drunk Driving along with another unidentified individual. (See Note 2)
College Group of 26 Students visit Tunny
Tunny fires a Regulus Missile.
Tunny crewmember Kindley sells his Mercury Convertible. (See Note 3 below)
LCDR Blair takes over as Tunny's CO from LCDR Dedrick. I refer you to my book about these two COs and their extensive biographies.

Note (1): George E. Cox served on Tunny SSG 282 from 6 March 1953 to 1 February 1955 as an Electronics Technician.

Note (2): Virgil Kirkpatrick served on Tunny SSG 282 from 21 Feb 1956 to 17 December 1956.  He became qualified in submarines while serving on Tunny as a Seaman.

Note (3): Robert C. Kindley served on Tunny from 1953 to 1954 as a Seaman.  He qualified in submarines while serving on Tunny.

2/7/2020:  Received this from a Tunny SSN 682 Plankowner, MMC (SS) Steve White: 
I won a copy of your book at the Charleston reunion last year.    Glad to get it, but knowing little about it, it remained on my desk until yesterday, still in it’s blue wrapping.
I finally took the time to open and study it a bit.    I was totally amazed.    I don’t think I have ever seen a book so thoroughly researched and well put together as yours.    The quality and format are both superb and without equal.  
After more study, it will go in my library alongside other autographed publications I have, including from Dick O’Kane, Isaac Asimov, Joe Foss, Tom Clancy, Ignatius Galantin, Paul Tibbets, Dan Gallery, and some others.  You probably know who all these fellows are.    If not, let me know and I will share.    In any case, your book will be in great company.  
Again, my sincere congratulations for a job very well done.  
Steve White
Former MMC(SS)
SSN-682 plankowner


1/25/2020:  Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you all are doing well.  I found a news article published in 1970 by the Miami Herald about former Tunny Commanding Officer, John Franklin Tate (You guys remember him, right?).


Tate Bronze Star Award
11/27/2019:  Received this note from Greg Kerkof (Thorne Bay, AK) who writes: I finally got around to ordering your book, been procrastinating too long!
My wife of 39 years, Sheryl, and I retired fifteen years ago and now live on our 50' sailboat Toccata in Southeast Alaska.  Our community has only 400 residents, and of those I know three of us who are submarine sailors, coincidently one of whom served on board 682!
I have many pictures from my time aboard Tunny, and hope to find time to go thru them to supplement what you have!
Thanks for putting in such effort!  We will enjoy your book, which will have a dedicated space aboard!

Greg & Sheryl Kerkof. Greg served on Tunny from Feb 1968 through Tunny's Decommissioning in June 1969 as an Electrician's Mate.  He also became qualified in submarines while serving on Tunny. 

11/25/2019:  Received this note from a Har-Brack classmate (one year behind me) who wrote the following in response to an email broadcast about my book being donated to our hometown library (write up below):  Thank you so much for sending the Har-Brack news update Ray.  I am so darned proud of you. What a monumental piece of work you accomplished.  Sorry I missed seeing you and Vicki when you were home last month.  Many Blessings on you and your family over the upcoming Holidays.  Hoping you will keep warm and healthy and happy.  Again, Congratulations on your achievements.  Love you my Har-Brack Brother, Terrie  
11/20/2019:  Florian Palma (Omra, WI) ordered a Tunny book and wrote the following:  Thanks for sending the post card reminding me about the book.  I was going to order when you first sent out notification, but put it off.  How about sending me copy 282?  Thanks, Florian.  Well Florian, as the saying goes, "you snooze, you lose."  David Kelley a sonarman who served on SSG 282 Tunny asked for and received #282 about a year ago. Copy #192 is on its way to you.
11/4/2019:  Note from Al Eckert who said he will keep in touch. [The] Reunion was great, seeing Hoop [John Hooper Cutler] again was a surprise. Hope to make the next one.  Al
11/4/2019: Note from Al Shinn who reported he arrived home safely from the Tunny Reunion in Charlestion. Despite being considerably under the weather, we both had a great time, renewing old friendships and making new ones.Also, many thanks to Ray for his tremendous work on the book, which is truly unique.We will plan for the next one, and hope to see you all there. 
11/2/2019: I paid a visit to Fred Voskuhl, Tunny 282's longest WW II surviving veteran.  Fred, who turned 96 last March, at his home in Pittsburgh. Here is a photo I took of Fred holding his rosary beads, which he says he says his rosary every day at 11:30 am.  His health is good and despite problems with his legs manages to get around his home.  He enjoys visitors, has a friend who looks out for him, and enjoys the cookies that I send to him.  I brought him a dozen of Eat N' Park's Halloween themed cookies.  Local Pittsburgh area citizens knows about these delicious cookies. 96 Year Old Fred Voskuhl - Tunny' 282's WW II VeteranFred VoskuhlTunny WW II Docking at Pearl Harbor After a Patrol

Author and former resident Ray Olszewski presents a copy of his latest book, USS TUNNY: A History, Tribute, and Memoir to Suzy Ruskin, Librarian, Natrona Heights Community Library, PA.

10/31/2019: The photo shown to the left and the write up found below was initially posted on Facebookto mark the occasion when I stopped by the Community Library located in my home town of Natrona Heights (Birdville) near Pittsburgh, PA.  Vicki and I were returning to Eagan, MN after our two week trip to Savannah and St. Marys, Georgia where I had two book signings, one in St. Marys and one in Charleston at the Tunny's Reunion.  Book sales were excellent and to those who purchased them, most appreciated.  Here is the Facebook post:


"Author Ray Olszewski donated a copy of his book to the Allegheny Community Library, 1522 Broadview Blvd, Natrona Heights, PA on 30 October 2019. In the photo with Ray is Suzy Ruskin accepting it for the Library. Ray, a 1957 graduate of Har-Brack High School (now Highlands) and born and raised in Natrona Heights (Birdville) said it took him 10 years to write the history of the Navy’s first guided missile submarine which he served on from 1958 to 1962 in Hawaii. Ms Ruskin said the 682 page book will be made available to check out for reading. Ray who lives in Eagan, Minnesota is a supporter of the Library and has made monetary contributions in the past to the community library. Ray and Nancy Burns Ingerson were visiting the area after traveling from St Mary’s, GA where Ray attended his book signing event at the submarine museum there. A copy of Ray’s book is also on display at the Alle-Kiski Valley Historical Museum in Tarentum. For more information and book reviews and comments can be found on Ray’s website, The Naval Historical Foundation recently posted a book review of this book titled USS Tunny: A History, Tribute, and Memoir. at the Foundation's website:" The NHF review was posted by former Tunny crewmember, Gerry Young.  Reviews and comments are welcome.  Click here to take you to the NHF's website."

9/28/2019: The following is a chat I received from Renee Miller, Ben Gorski's niece, who wrote to me after she received her copy of the Tunny Book from her Uncle Ben.  Did you write the USS TUNNY?  My Uncle Benjamin Gorski was on it with you!  You did! Take care and stay well and safe to you and your family.  Thank you for putting some pictures of Ben in it! My mother and father and two baby brothers died in a fire when he had to jump ship! He sent my son a new copy #174, thank you again for writing the true story. In response, I wrote: Yes, that is me and we were shipmates.  What did you like about the book?  She said:  Everything about it, we like how you told the story of yous guy's and how you had to live on board, how they reprimanded and gave kitchen duty for making fun of "Pollacks"!  I haven't been able to get through all of it yet, remembering your mates you lost, some parts were funny, some sad, some knowledgeable, intriguing and honorable and I could go on and on!  The attention you gave my Uncle Ben Gorski (Sea Daddy)? 

8/22/2019:  This is not related to a comment but an update. Tunny WW II crewmember, Donald F. Brown, YN, USN departed on Eternal Patrol on 19 August 2019.  Prior to this he was thought to have departed earlier as attempts to contact him and his relations were without success. Until Brown's departure, he and former WW II Tunny Vet Fred Voskuhl were the last remaining veterans from that Era.  Fred resides in Pittsburgh and turned 96 this past March.  Here is an announcement found on the Internt for Brown's passing published by Keith & Keith Funeral Home.

Donald F. Brown, age 94, passed away at Brookdale Senior Living Community, Richland, Washington, Saturday, August 17th, 2019. He passed peacefully from natural causes with family at his side. Don was born on August 27th, 1924 in Yakima, WA, and was the son of Fredrick and Gertrude Brown. Don attended school in Wapato, Washington. He completed his education, graduating from Wapato Senior High School. Following high school, he enlisted in the United States Navy and was assigned to the Submarine Service in support of the World War II effort. After completing his military service, he co-owned and operated Brown and Son’s Bar #213 with his father Fredrick and brother Frasier. He accepted a county job position for Yakima County Highway District at Wapato, WA branch. While there, he also continued operating his business “Don Brown’s Archery Shop.” After years of working in Wapato he retired and moved to the Ahtanum area of Yakima, WA. He enjoyed his continuing passion of building furniture, jewelry making and tending to his Arabian horse “Ebin.”  In 1947 Don married Clara E. Aasen, at the Lutheran Church in Wapato, WA. They celebrated sixty-three years of marriage, July 27th, 2010. Survivors include his son Fred L. Brown and wife RaeAnn of Yakima, WA; daughter Trudy M. Gilman of Prosser, WA; daughter Debbie (Rick) Burk of Kennewick, WA; and Don’s sister Billie Lee of Seattle, WA. Don had 17 grandchildren (and spouses) with 16 great-grandchildren. There are also numerous nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife Clara, his son Dennis, age 10, his parents, Fredrick and Gertrude Brown, brother and sisters, Frasier Brown, Edna Wardall, Lela Boucher and Betty Kechley, and of course his horses Ebin & Sox. Visitation service on Thursday, August 22, 2019 from 4 PM to 8 PM at Keith & Keith Funeral Home, 902 W. Yakima Ave. Memorial services will be held at 10 AM on Friday, August 23, 2019 at West Hill Cemetery, Yakima, WA.There are no words that can express our heart’s gratitude as to how caring the team of caregivers including Brookdale Senior Care, Heartlinks Hospice, friends and loved ones were during his final days. As you desire, a donation to Shriner’s Children Hospital can be made in lieu of sending flowers. Floral arrangements may be sent to Keith & Keith 902 W. Yakima Ave., Yakima, WA.

What the obituary does not tell you is that Donald F. Brown served on Tunny (SS 282) in 1946 as a Boat Yeoman.  He reported to Tunny on 25 January 1946 and was part of Tunny's decommissioning crew.  On 12 December 1946, Brown was transferred to Submarine Administration, Mare Island.  Prior to Tunny, he had served on USS Bream (SS 243) (Dates unknown), USS S-32 (SS-137) (1943-1945), and after Tunny, USS Tinosa (SS 283).  He was a Yeoman Third Class Petty Officer.  The source of the other boats came from USSVI's Deck Log.  Don Brown was one of Tunny's longest surviving crew members who had served on her during WW II.  A photograph of him late in life can be found by clicking here.

8/21/2019: Received phone call from former Tunny Torpedoman Benjamin "Ben" Gorski this date telling me he received his copy of my book and wanted to thank me for doing all the hard work getting Tunny's story published.  "Well done!" were his words.  Ben is living in Whitewater, Wisconsin and is not on email anymore.

8/3/2019: My Dentist, Dr. Skare, of Wood Park Dental, Eagan, MN wrote: "Hey Ray, love chatting with you and congrats on the book you wrote. It's fantastic!" Dr. Skare bought a copy of my book and shared with his father who loves military history.  The book will be on display at the Wood Park Dental Office, 4355 Nicols Road, Eagan, MN. Skare is a GREAT Dentist and his Dental Hygenist, Michele is the best.. 

8/2/2019:  Call received from former Tunny Engineman and former Tunny Tiger Mike Burkholder who's bio can be found on page 348.  Mike who served on Tunny '66-'67 and made Tunny's first three SPECOPS deployments now lives in Indiana and he thanked me for producing the book and gave me a "Well Done" for all the detailed research that went into my book. He is looking forward to meeting me personally in Charleston at the Tunny Reunion 2019.

7/8/2019:  From Nuke Tunny former CO, Denny "Big Red" Sloan who writes the following:
Hi Ray,
I have borrowed Jack Pierce's copy of your book, and it is a well
done history  of the 282. I found many familiar names, and was
impressed by your research to
describe each, but I am more interested in the 282/682 interface, and
a similar volume to treat the 682. Perhaps someone will be interested
in piggybacking on your expertise in research to assist in, or author,
a similar account to close that name.
My interest in Regulus started on my first assignment from USNA
on USS Los Angeles (CA 135). I served as Assistant Fifth Division
Officer, Assistant Fire Control Officer, and subsequently Fire Control
Officer, while qualifying as OOD, (a prerequisite for Sub School). We
didn't pay much attention to the strange  blue unmanned plane stowed
aft of turret three, that later affected the ship's schedule in 1958.
I also was associated with Regulus on Growler
Must have hit the wrong button and sent before ready. We can
discuss further at the upcoming reunion if you're attending. I will be
interested in purchasing a VOL II if it materializes.
Sincerely, Denny Sloan (aka Big Red)
6/26/2019: From Nuke Tunny veteran, Kevin Gorby who wrote I had my second visit with Tudor last evening. We sat on his back porch drinking beer and smoking a cigar together for about 3 hours. Great time. His memories from 50-75 years ago are like a steel trap. He says it's what he did yesterday he has a hard time remembering... Ha! Tudor Davis is the Past National President for US Submarine Veterans WWII for 1996/1997. How about that?
  I did bring your book back and we went through it a bit. He graciously signed it for me. I've attached a picture for you. He was very impressed with the detail and the amount of information in it. He even thinks some of the names are familiar to him. He showed me a set of WWII Submarine Books he has. Very similar in concept to yours, but covers all the boats of WWII. Nicely bound, embossed 5 book set. Tudor pointed out to me a 3 paragraph section in the book on him with pictures when he was around 18 years old and again around 50.
  He wrote down your name and said he has a connection that can get him a copy of your book. I told him I don't think so. It is very limited edition and just came out last December, but I told him numerous time he can borrow my book whenever he wants. He is a little hesitant, but he will come around. Kevin
5/22/2019: From Tunny's Boat QM (Dan Moss).  Boat YN, finally finished your book and I must say it was quite an endeavor on your   part.  No wonder it took so long to complete.  You have done a great service to the crew(s) of Tunny and the historical adventures they encountered on her  long and varied life.  I did find 2 minor mistakes, but not worth mentioning in a book of this magnitude.  Aberation is the hallmark of homosepians (to error is human).  I salute you ole friend and Thank You  for giving us an outstanding volume of our history as   young sailors.  God Bless  you and a preliminary Happy Birthday.
5/12/2019: Talked with former Tunny XO Pete Fullinwider who received a copy of the Tunny book as an early birthday gift.  Pete will turn 92 in August.  Pete's response when he received his copy was WoW!. A Masterful job!  You done good Ski.  Boat Yeo Note SymbolI am looking forward to celebrating your 92nd birthday, Pete. 
5/7/2019: Had lunch to day with shipmate Bill Benzick, former Tunny cook.  He said of my book and coughed up the following endorsement: The Tunny book which you authored is a great book and brought back many great memories but most important it is a great history rendering of what the Tunny had. The sailors you wrote about and recognized them is a very important part of the book. Thank you for the research and effort putting together this publication. I was happy to see many facts that would be lost if this book was not brought forward. Congrats to you and those that supported your efforts. Shipmate William J. Benzick. 1959-1961, CS 3 (SS).  See you on board the USSVI Cruise on 2 June 2019 out of Hudson, MN.
4/22/2019: Heard from Stuart Fullinwider who is the son of Pete Fullinwider, former Tunny XO.  Says his dad is doing well at 91 still living in Norfolk, Virginia. After he received his book orde and read itr, Stuart said, "Great job on the book! I asked him for succession ownership."

4/21/2019: Your book is incredible! Love all the history and excerpts ~ your personal story is beautiful! Ensign Megan Rosenberger, USN, USNA 2017. I am proud to say that I was her 'first salute' the day she was commissioned as an Ensign, United States Navy.

4/12/2019: Received a letter and book order from EM1(SS) Paul Thomas who served on Tunny (1967-1969) saying he answered the last bell "Port Back 1/3. Port Stop.  He left the Navy after Tunny was decommissioned and never looked back.  Subic was a blast, every night was Saturday night.  If you stayed in Olongapo too long you never grew up. He said he married and raised a family.  His son is a retired Chief Corpsman living in San Diego, CA.  I kept in touch with several of the Tunny guys over the years but I've now lost track, probably deceased. I've lived in Hawaii since 1971 where I came to start up an oil refinery here on Oahu that year. 
3/26/2019:  Former Tunny CO Bill Green wrote the following brief testimonial concerning my labor of love, the TUNNY Book. " It is truly in a class by itself.   I know [it] is appreciated by all Tunny sailors who have read it and by others who are interested in submarines.  My hats off to you for undertaking such a monumental project and completing it will such excellent results. Herewith Bill's testimonial:  “Dear Shipmate Ray, the book you have written detailing the history of the USS TUNNY is certainly unique.  I know of no other comparable submarine history.  Not only is it a fact filled compendium of data about the ship, the crew, and its operations, but you also included light hearted “sea stories” which added a bit of humor and displayed the light-hearted attitude common among the men who crewed diesel submarines.  For those of us who served on Tunny the book serves as a wonderful reminder of the adventures we experienced in the days of our youth.  It is a testimony to the sometimes hard life and difficulties which had to be endured and overcome which at the same time extolling the spirit and pride of these hardy men.”
3/20/2019: From Bill Hardt who served on Tunny 1961-1964 writes: I had a quick trip back to Wisconsin and your book was there waiting for me. What a surprise!  It is terrific. I never expected it to be so large and well done.

3/19/2019: Karen Steelberg met with Rear Admiral and former Director of Naval Intelligence, Samuel Cox and personally presented to him a copy of my TUNNY book. Cox who retired from the Navy became the Director of the NHHC.  He was delighted to have received the book about Tunny and remarked that he could tell it was a lot of hard work.

Karen Steelberg and Sam Cox Director NHHC Ms. Karen Steelberg presents a copy of the Tunny Book to Rear Admiral Sam Cox, USN (Retired), Director of the NHHC on Tuesday, 19 March 2019. NHHC Director's Challenge Coin

3/15/2019:  Visited the St. Marys Submarine Museum, St. Marys, GA and learned of the Director, Keith Post, plans for the popular venue.  By the way, the St. Marys Submarine Museum is the largest museum of its kind in the south, and the fifth largest in the country with nearly 5,000 square feet on 2 floors.  Keith told me the museum gets about 12,000 visitors a year. One of the features the museums boasts is that it has more than 99% of all WW II War Patrol Reports are housed there.  Some rennovation was being made to the street in front of the museum as well as the businesses that line the frontage of St. Marys Street. The two hour tour and discussion was most enjoyable and it was obvious from Post's enthusiasm that the museum will do well under his direction.  We were then joined for lunch by Vice Admiral Al Konetzi former COMSUBPAC.  And, he bought lunch for us.  During lunch he mentioned former Tunny CO, Bill Green as well as a former boss of mine, Chauncy Hoffman.  The admiral knew both the men very well.  He was most appreciative for the donation I made of my collection of a framed display of the North Pacific Yacht Club ship's patches.  As for Tunny's presence at the museum there was none but now there is and more will be sure to come to be displayed there.

St Marys Museum 15 March 2019

Left to Right: Author Ray Olszewski, Petty Officer Corson, Vice Admiral Al Konetzni, Jr., USN (Retired), and Submarine Museum Director, Keith F. Post.


Framed North Pacific Yacht Club (NPYC) display of the ship's patches of the USS TUNNY, USS BARBERO, USS GRAYBACK, USS GROWLER, USS HALIBUT.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolAdmiral "Big Al" Konetzni, Jr. served as COMSUBPAC 1998-2001.

3/21/2019:  Received the following email from the nephew of former Tunny crewmember Don O'Shea (1966-1968). This was in response to my 'reach out' to former Tunny crewmember's relations. He says, "In answer to your question: Yes. Captain Donald J. O'Shea, USN was my Uncle Don and a true friend. I am the son of his older brother Jeremiah P. O'Shea (Jerry) of New York City. My uncle did indeed serve on the U.S.S. Tunny during his career in the Navy. Over the years I have learned that his official record pales in comparison to the respect and admiration of the men and women with whom he served. I would gladly try to answer any questions or confirm any information you may have regarding my uncle's professional career. You are welcome to contact me at this email address. Sincerely, Jeremiah A. O'Shea (Jerry)." His email address is: if anyone would like to communicate with Jerry.
3/7/2019: Departed on trip to SC and GA from Eagan, MN which is about 1400 miles distance.  A lot happened while I was gone to include a visit to the St. Marys Submarine Museum located in St. Marys, GA.  Also, a visit was made to the NHHC by Karen Steelberg, a good friend and researcher who is mentioned in my book.  Karen made the call on my behalf to present to Rear Admiral Samuel Cox, USN (Retired) who is the Director of the Naval Historical and Heritage Command (NHHC) located at the Washington Naval Yard, Washington, DC. 
2/28/2019: Received an email from Annette Covey, the daughter-in-law of one of many Tunny Poets, former Engineman, James Phillip Covey.  She thanked me for all the work that I did to keep the memory of the Tunny and it's crew members alive.Annette added that she and her husband received the Boat Yeo's Honor Bio on Jim Covey and thanked me for that and for honoring him.  She added that she liked the phrase 'departed on Eternal Patrol.'"  Boat Yeo Note SymbolThe Boat Yeo's Honor Bio that I created for James Phillip Covey can be seen by clicking here.
2/25/2019:  This is an email I received from Keith F. Post, Executive Director and former submariner (Sonarman) of the St. Mary's Submarine Museum. "Hey Ray - "..., We did receive your book, and I have to tell you I am BLOWN AWAY!!!  What an amazing piece of work you did! I had not seen the thank you that you put in for the Museum until I was showing a Naval Officer friend of mine who was visiting from Pennsylvania on Friday. THANK YOU so much for doing that.  I am taking the book home so I can read more of it.  It is fantastic! THANK you again for sending us this [complimentary] copy, and I will be promoting it for you on our Facebook Page this week!
2/24/2019: This is an email I received from Rebecca Watson, who is one of three daughters of former Tunny crewmember Frederick Manville Watson. Fred came to Tunny from the Perch and served as one of the Divers and Tigers identified in the Tunny Book and made all fourteen (14) Special Operations (SPECOPS) deployments. Rebecca added that Fred's father, George Manville Watson, also served in the Navy during 1930s. Rebecca added that George attended Tunny's decommissioning in 1969 along with his son, Fred.  Rebecca attended the Tunny Reunion held in Mobile, Alabama in 2013.  She could not believe that six years have passed since that time.
2/18/2019: When I first browsed through my copy of the "USS TUNNY" and knowing my brother, I knew I had an authoritative work in my hand. I keep a copy on my desk and can say, open any page, start reading and your going to find an interesting fact or story that will keep you reading.  This book is beyond authoritative.  It is a fun read while learning what submarines and the people who served on them are all about.  Robert Olszewski.
2/12/2019:  Eureka!  GREAT NEWS!  George Walker Sowards, Jr. who served on Tunny 57-59 is alive and well.  His first wife, Edris contacted me through telling me he is living in Missouri. In the Tunny Book, I had George departing on Eternal Patrol in 2007.  Regret the error!  Still waiting to hear something from him though. Edris said when they were together he talked about Velton Parker, Bob Haley and the time when we stole the panther from the Ronquil in 1959. George is 83 and is listed in the Tunny Veteran's Roster living in Eureka, MO.

2/8/2019:  In response to my email Tunny Book Update, Major General Gordon Nash, USMC (Retired) wrote the following: I have enjoyed every page of your book on the USS Tunny.  It is a fitting tribute to the brave Navy men and their families.  I have one minor correction.  My father and his bride were inured at the columbarium at the Naval Academy and not at Arlington National Cemetery. All the best and Bravo Zulu, Gordon Nash.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolGordon is the younger of two sons born to Norman Clarke and Mary Frances Hendrix Nash.  Norm served on Tunny during World War II and as the Tunny Book points out he made the first eight of Tunny's nine combat war patrols. Gordon's older brother, Donald Hendrix Nash a 1969 Naval Academy graduate who retired as a Navy Captain, died in June 2018.  He too is inured at the Naval Academy.

2/8/2019: Lowell Womack of Vestavia Hills, Alabama wrote: The finished product is way above my expectations. I am glad I bought it. Thanks for your work.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolLowell served on Tunny as a Lieutenant (junior grade) in 1962 and 1963 and he made two Regulus Deterrent Patrols.

2/7/2019: Absolutely beautiful book, Ray. I'm proud to own it. Excellent work. Jim 

Boat Yeo Note SymbolThis note was received from Jim Hendry who served on Tunny as an Sonar Technician in 1964 and 1965 when it was ending its service as an SSG and transitioned to an SS and then on to become an APSS shortly after.

2/3/2019:  Today is Super Bowl Sunday and former Lieutenant John Shaffer wrote me this email:   Ok, Ray;  received it [the Tunny book] in the mail yesterday. Wow, what a deal! It was packaged extremely well, and it is a very professional job. I spent a few hours checking out parts of it. Lots more to check later, for sure. It is an excellent job by you in detail and presentation, and represents a LOT of good work. Thank you for the effort. Time for you to rest your oars and watch some more football! More later; have a good one.  J.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolThank you John Shaffer.  Your contributions to it from the time when you served as Tunny's Missile Officer was a big help and most appreciative.  Enjoy.

1/31/2019:  Received this note from Al Eckert a former Interior Communications Technician (IC) who served on Tunny in 1962.  Al gratiously provided the contents of his personal diary he wrote during the Cuban Missile Crisis deterrent patrol (#7).  Here is what he sent about the book: "Ray, received the book today. What a surprise it was, beautifully wrapped and I couldn't believe how heavy it is. You did a great job on it and I doubt that you will get any complaints about it or the cost of it from anyone who receives it !. Iwant to thank you ever so much for all the information on me that you put in there. It sure made me feel worthwhile as to my time on that great Submarine. Thank you for all the work you put in to make this happen. It's guys like you that keep history current. I will be letting all my family read it as they really don't realize what we've done for service to OUR COUNTRY. Hope you have many more years to enjoy life, and maybe write a book of fiction that sells a million copies book about a Submarine adventure based on some of the information you've uncovered during the making of this book, your friend, Allen.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolThank you very much Allen. I feel as you do that there is not enough history our young generation is receiving in schools these days.  It is guys like us who take the time to explain and share how important it was serving our country to keep it free.  The sad part is that freedom is being slowly taken away every passing day. Glad you liked the book.

1/30/2019:  Received these comments from former Electronics Technician Chuck Curry.  Ray, I got your book in excellent condition. And thanks so much!! That took a lot of work, and all the research. A true jewel to be proud of. I hope you can get it into some Navy library so future researchers can use it. 
     The book answered a bunch of questions I have had regarding fellow shipmates. I always wondered, and tried to find Norman Derks, but to no avail. I see in the book that he is on Eternal Patrol. I did find Doc Moon, once at the National USSVI convention in Saratoga Springs, NY. He was living in NY state somewhere, and his car had SS282 license plates. Ran into Doc Moon at the Tunny reunion in Silverdale Washington a number of years ago. He has passed, also, I see.
     I had a mini-reunion in the 90's, I think, with C.T.  Hill, and Bruce Bergstrom at a Denny's in Wilkes-Barre. Pa. Bruce lived a short distance south of that in Hazleton PA, and I lived in Endicott, NY. Good reunion, with a couple of laughs. CT told me that the time we bounced off the bottom "up North" on Thanksgiving Day, he was sitting in the mess hall, trying not to fill his dungarees. I was Mess-cook at the time, with Okie O'Connor, and remember that not too many men finished their dinner.
The next day, Floyd Kuhl passed the word for dinner, as  " First Call to the Last Supper". prompting Mr. Fullenwider to burst into Control, saying "who did that?"
Those were the days.....
    Later in my Navy years, I served on Bashaw in Pearl Harbor, but the crew on that boat was not cohesive, and was a bunch of short-timers with a bad attitude.
     I am now 81+  years old, retired, and living in a very nice in-law apartment in my youngest daughter's home. She has 6 chillun's upstairs, 2 years old to 14. Lots of action and fun.  I am recently elected Vice Commander of the local USSVI base, the USS Virginia Base. There is one fellow there who was a Barbero crewman. Most of the others were Atlantic boat sailors.
      When living in NY, a deacon at a local parish had been a Tunny crew member and had left the ship in early 1959, before I reported to the ship. Also met a retired Marine Major, who was a leader of insertion teams  in the Viet Nam war, and rode Tunny on several insertion efforts. I gave him a Tunny patch, and told him he was an honorary crewmember.
     Well, Ray, thanks again, a million times. Here's to a following sea, fair winds, and a bight star to steer by. God bless you!

Chuck Curry

Boat Yeo Note SymbolThank you Chuck for taking the time to share not only comments about the book but sharing your recalls. I hope others will enjoy them as much as I did about that time when we both served on Tunny together.  Chuck Curry was an ET who served on Tunny in 1959 and 1960.  He lives in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  I think Chuck means Bob Corradini who lives in West Hazleton, PA.  I wonder who the "deacon" was that Chuck mentions?. 

1/29/2019:  Heard from Stan Jarvis who we called "Jarv" when he served on Tunny during the Regulus years.  He offered up that he was born in Chloe, West Virginia on 14 September 1934 in a farmhouse. He enlisted in the Navy in Akron, Ohio at 18 years of age in February 1954.  He served on Tunny as a Guided Missileman 1958 - 1959 and later served on the Robert E. Lee (SSBN 601) and a few other boats which I am checking on with him. He received his discharge from the Navy in and moved to Canada where he resides today.  He received a copy of the Tunny book and he remembered he was part of the "affair" stealing the Panther from the Ronquil along with two others (no names mentioned).  They were stationed as lookouts at critical spots during one of the encounters.  He said he missed most of the actual fun. 

1/29/2019:  Received this note from Sandy Karamol, wife of former Tunny crew member and shipmate, Ed Karamol.  "Wow, did not expect it to be so big.  I turned one page and couldn't stop.  There is much for me to read.  I cried when I read about me.  My favorite is the Panther story.  My granddaughter took pictures of the stories.  Her husband was very impressed, also.  You out did yourself Ray.  A true story of history of a great sub and its crew.  Always a sailors wife.  Sandy.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note:  Ed Karamol served as an Electrician's Mate on Tunny during the SSG Era.  Ed and Sandy live in Monclova, Ohio which is located just south of Cleveland. Ed was a member of the Ronquil's Panther Acquisition Team that is covered in Chapter Ten "The Genesis of Tunny's Mascot". 

1/29/2019:  Heard from Doug Stahl and his wife Joy who live in Chonburi, Thailand telling me they finally received their copy of my book.  Doug said, Thank you very much.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolDoug Stahl served as Tunny's Executive Officer and later served as Tunny's Commanding Officer during the Regulus (SSG) years. That's Doug in the recent photos shown below of him taken by his wife Joy.

Doug StahlDoug Stahl 1-29-2019 ChonBuri, Thailand

1/27/2019: Heard the following from Vern Calen (APSS/LPSS 66-69) (Gresham, OR):  Yes I did get it. Great book, only one error, I do not have Tunny klaxon! Thanks, Vern.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note:  Only one error? There are probably many more (life of publishing).  Vern's point about not having one of Tunny's Klaxon's is true.  I misrepresented him having it in the book because it was actually Jim Hovis, former Electrician's Mate who served on Tunny from 1966 through 1969 and part of her decommissioning crew. Hovis and I communicated about him having it in August 2016. 

1/26/2019:  Received the following from Judy Sims, wife of Wayne Rogers Sims (1940-2015) who served on Tunny during the SSG years.  Hi Ray,   I just received the book and pictures and I am looking at it right now.   I am very impressed.  This was so much work,  a major undertaking. The picture presentation is beautiful.  I'm gonna have them framed for our girls.  Thank you so much.  You deserve a medal for all your time and effort.   Thanks again. Judy

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note.  With regards to 'the picture presentation' Judy asked me for any photos we had of Sims and I put together what I could find and put a Boat Yeo Honor Bio on him for Judy.  Click here to see it. 

1/18/2019: If you missed it, former Tunny CO, Bill Green celebrated his 88th birthday today (18 Jan 2019).  Here is what his son, Lyman wrote when he gave him a copy of the Tunny book:  Dad loves the book!! And granddaughters are happy to check out their grandad’s navy record. Thank you So much! Thank you! Big smile on Dad’s face!! Recent photo sent by Bill.

 Bill Green

1/15/2019: This comment is from the book's cover designer, Liz Grover.  "It came! It came out so beautiful! I did not expect it to be so big! Congratulations!"
1/15/2019: Here is what Jim Christley posted on Facebook. "I am in receipt of a book about USS Tunny.  The book is large, weighing in at nearly 4 pounds (4#, 10oz, actually) and is the most complete book about a single boat I have ever seen.  It, in my opinion, sets the goal to which every author of a boat's history should ascribe.  It is available at:  Maybe a bit pricey but extremely well done.  Mr. Olszewski was a yeoman aboard the boat in the time of diesel boat WestPac cruises and Tunny's stationing in Subic Bay.  He spent ten years researching, interviewing, corresponding with and obtaining the stories of the crew. It has a good yeoman's eye for detail and ability to organize.  The book has first hand sea stories 'from the deck plates', from the wardroom and the CPOs.  The stories bring to my old wrinkled memory WestPac at its finest. I made two trip aboard USS Sterlet in the mid 60s but recognize the places and events as if they were on my own boat. Included are the Tunny's wartime career and her conflict with the USS Ronquil over the Ronquil's mascot Panther.  He has many photos and voluminous text.  I noted that in the photos were many folks I seemed to recognize.  (Did we all look the same or is it just in our eyes after 55 years?)  I liked the book and it will be well read by me as I 'relive' old times even if they were not on my boat."

1/14/2019: Former submariner and historian James L. Christley writes the following, Dear Mr. Olszewski, The book arrived on Saturday.  Thank you very much for your kind gift. I expected, when you first approached me, a book of 20 to 25 thousand words and maybe 150 pages which told the story of Tunny.  Instead you have produced the most wonderful book of submarine history I have read (actually just started) since Clay Blair's "Silent Victory".  It will provide many hours of remembering how it was.  I was not a crew on Tunny but made two diesel boat wespacs in the mid 60's thus can identify with many of the things of the era in your book.  Viewed from the distance of 50+ years I can remember the fun times and wonderful folks better than the other side of the coin and your book brings back these memories.  Thank you!  We had a discussion about the accuracy of the Booklet of General Plans view of the conning tower.  I had never seen the Mk101 fire control Torpedo Data Computer mounted on the starboard side in any other boat or boat drawings.  However, your view and that of those you asked was completely correct.  On page 110 is a photo of the conning tower.  It is taken from the helm stand looking aft.  There, mounted on the starboard side is the TDC.  I like learning new things.  Thanks for this also. Now I wonder how many other boats had this arrangement.  Question:  Will the book, soft bound or hard bound be available for sale?  If so, where and how much.  I would like to bring the book to the attention of folks on two submarine bulletin boards if you have no objections. Again I would like to thank you so very much for your work in generating this book.  I feel like you have set the example of how a submarine's history should be written.  When and if I ever run across another I will see if it comes up to the measure of yours. I am honored to be a part of this effort. Thank you, Very Respectfully, Jim Christley, oldsubs.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Notes:  I approached Jim during my construction of the book and he agreed to provide me with the graphics which are included in it. The work Jim did significantly improved the presentation of information. His comments are most appreciative. According to the website found at, Jim Christley is listed as either the author and co-author of several books to include the following:  US Nuclear Submarines: the Fast Attack, US Submarines 1941-45, US Submarines 1900-35, US Submarines 1941-45, and US Nuclear Submarines.

1/13/2019: David Buehn (Lynwood, CA) APSS1968. OMG! That is all I have to say.....Awesome book! I know the effort that you had to put forth to complete and publish it. This will definitely transcend our life....and be a testament to our service on our boat, the USS Tunny. I took it to my local Riverside County Veteran Service Guys luncheon a few days ago. They are my advocates for getting my VA benefits. They perused the book for an hour....and none of them wanted to put it down. They were in the Air Force, USMC and Army. They've told me that out of the 18,000 vets that they've helped.....only a handful were "Submariners". It's going to take a few days to read! And....thanks for all the personal notes about really adds a "face" and "personality" to Tunny. It was a living-breathing boat.  I'm so glad you used some of my pictures. Like the one I took of the SEALS with the SDV on the rear deck. I'd just gotten a new Poraroid camera....and took it. Of course....luckily I'd scanned it to my the fire got the original. I still tell people how blessed we were that I'd sent the deck-logs to the fire would have gotten them, too.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's NoteDavid Buehn is referring to a major fire at his place of business last year.  David also acquired Tunny's Deck Logs and shared them to allow me to identify the dates of the Unconventional Warfare Special Operations (SPECOPS) Tunny conducted in Vietnam and other information of historic value.  The left photo shown below is David taken when he was serving on Tunny during the Vietnam Era. Note that they are on the beach.  The bottom photo is David on the left posing with his former CO (Commanding Officer) William Carbine Green at one of Tunny's reunions. David and his wife, Sheila, live in Palm Desert, California.

David Buehn Vietnam BeachDavid Buehn (left) and Tunny CO Bill Green (Right)
1/12/2019:  Frederick Henry Voskuhl (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) SS 1943-1945 called me and said he received his Tunny book and thanked me for sending it to him.  Fred is the last Tunny WW II survivor and he will turn 96 in March 2019.  Send Fred a card and wish him a Happy Birthday if you have a mind to do so.  I know he will appreciate it.  Every so often I send him cookies which he appreciates receiving very much. He lives alone and his address is:  232 S. Millvale Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224-1607.

1/12/2019: William Joseph Benzick (Le Seuer, Minnesota) SSG 1959-1961 wrote: I received my Tunny book today and want to say how I much enjoyed it. Of course there is much to digest but I want to tell you it is a wonderful publication bringing many great memories back. Thanks for the great work.  

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note:  Billl Benzick and the Author were shipmates on Tunny and today both live as 'neighbors' in the Twin Cities.  That is, when Bill and his wife, Linda, escape the cold weather to Tucson, Arizona and Vicki and I hang in there keeping the place warm in their absence. 

1/12/2019: Frank Kalinoski, son of former Tunny Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Alexander John Kalinoski (1952) wrote: Ray, I received your book in the mail this morning.  WOW!!  What an epic you have produced.  You are to be congratulated for a most outstanding effort and achievement - 4.0 with oak leaf cluster!!  I am so happy that I was able to help you in a very small way.  Thank you.  I wish my father was alive.  I am sure he would enjoy this read immensely.  He loved his submarines.  Frank Kalinoski.

Boat Yeo's Note: When I came across the information about A.J. Kalinsoski was a Tunny CO, I reached out using and found his son, Frank.  Frank provided some of the background information about his father which is included in the Tunny book's bio.  Frank lives in El Cajon, California.

1/12/2019: Edward Wight Willis, Jr. (Jacksonville, Florida) APSS 1967-1969. Ray, I just received my book today and want to tell you and Gerry how blown away I am.  HOLY MOLLY and a bunch more exclamations.  I don't know what I was expecting but this is way over what ever it was I expected.  So.....hell of a good job.  Congrats and BZ's up the 'yeng yang'.  I noted that you worked with Mr. Life.  While I was working with MSC, we pulled into Murmansk, and standing on the pier was Mr. Life.  What a surprise!!! OK, again, great job with the book. EWW.

Boat Yeo's Note:  Ed Willis is know to many former Tunny shipmates as 'Shaggy Dog."  Ed lives with his wife, Jeanne, in Donalsonville, Georgia.

1/12/2019: Robert Jay Block (Sacramento, California) SSG 1957-1959.  Thank you, Ray.  Just got the book and it is beautiful.  Thanks again, Barb would have loved it! 

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note:  Bob Block and his wife Barb became one of my very first 'family friends' when I first came to Tunny in 1958.  Unfortunately, Barb passed away this past year.  Bob lives in Mount Vernon, Washington.

1/11/2019:  Robert Dale Duncan (Pocatello, Idaho) SSG 1963-1965.  Ray, I received my book yesterday afternoon - thanks to the packaging department as the book was wrapped so beautifully I had to take a picture of it before I took the ribbons off.  WOW is all I can about the book - I have had a hard time putting it down since I opened the package - just an amazing collection of "boat" info, operational info and last but surely not least is the biographical info of the officers and crew.  I am sure you are very proud of the product you have created, and I am so happy that you found the time to create the product.  GREAT JOB !!!!!!! The photo shows how the books are 'gift wrapped' when they are wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note:  My fellow Yeoman, Bob Duncan and his wife, Holly, live in Cape Coral, Florida.  They reviewed a very early draft of the beginnings of the manuscript which led up to the book's production. Their comments were very helpful 'getting postive and forward motion moving on the book's production.'


1/11/2019:  Alda Babusek is the wife of former Tunny crewmember Richard E. Babusek (Chicago, Illinois) Tunny 1959-1962 and wrote, I just wanted to let you know that the Tunny book arrived yesterday and it is very impressive!  Thank you for all of the trouble you took in getting it to us.  I hope you are successful in your sales.  I will for sure put it out at Dick's reception so that others might enjoy a bit of history.  She added, God bless you and all of your shipmates! Alda and Dick resided in Mission Viejo, California.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note:  Dick Babusek departed on Eternal Patrol on 26 December 2018.  We tried hard to get a copy from the Printer's for him to review, but his departure on that Eternal Patrol came too soon. 

1/11/2019:  I learned through snail mail that John Francis O'Connell who is mentioned in my book as one of the founding members of the North Pacific Yacht Club (NPYC) departed on Eternal Patrol on December 13, 2018.  If you knew John or served with him on one of many submarines he served on, please send condolences to:  M.E. O'Connell at or by snail mail to:  6300 Stevenson Ave, Apt 305, Alexandria, VA 22304.  John served on the USS Perch (ASSP-313), USS Caiman (SS-323), USS Barbero (SSG-317), USS Pickerel (SS-524), and, USS Spinax (SS-489).  He was also Commander Submarine Division 41 and assigned as the Defense and Naval Attache, American Embassy, Tokyo, Japan.

1/11/2019:  Gerry Arnett Young (Kansas City, Missouri) APSS 1967-1968 wrote: I got the books a few days ago, and have spent time going through the book thoroughly.  You're to be congratulated on this achievement.  I can only imagine the hundreds of hours you must have put in to put this together.  A terrific achievement!  I'll be bringing a copy of it to my USSVI breakfast meeting next Tuesday morning.  I'll let you know what their reactions were.  Gerry.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note: Gerry Young volunteered to review and edit my manuscript drafts, actually several times. I cannot find the words to thank him enough for doing this for me. As a THANKS, I gave to him an "Un-numbered Complimentary" copy and a Limited Edition #003 copy of my book, plus a couple bottles of Black Label JD.  Gerry and his wife, Joyce, live in Commerce Township, Michigan.

1/10/2019:  Albert Ege Morgan (Coaldale, Pennsylvania) APSS 1966-1968 wrote, Hi Ray, book arrived today, lot more in it than I thought it would be. Thanks for the great write-up of the APSS years, and over all history.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note:  Al Morgan  came to the Tunny from the Perch and served as an Engineman aboard the Tunny making nine (9) SPECOPS Deployments.  Al resides in Orwegisburg, Pennsylvania.

1/10/2019:  Robert James Roderick served on Tunny 1962-1964.  He wrote, the book arrived yesterday and it is awesome.  Thank you for what you have done. Tunny was my favorite boat period!!!! Have a blessed day.

1/10/2019:  Karen Steelberg wrote "Your book arrived yesterday!  Thank you so very much.
You have given your shipmates and their families a wonderful gift. A legacy of your and their memories that can be treasured and shared with future generations.

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Notes:  Karen is a former Intelligence Specialist who worked with me during those days at Naval Intelligence.  She is now retired and conducted hands on research at NARA for me in Maryland.

1/9/2019:  Kevin Gorby served on Tunny SSN 682, wrote,

I received my copy of your book. Congratulations! What a difference to hold it in my hands in a hardback edition. Below is a post I put on the Tunny page on Facebook. Maybe it will generate a few sales for you. Kevin Gorby, Sr.

"I received my hardback copy of USS Tunny by Ray Olszewski. Congrats to Ray and what a treat of a book for any submarine vet. Ray contacted me a few years ago asking me to send him a scan of the original Tunny logo JJ Jenkins had unselfishly given me. I consider myself the caretaker until it moves on. To my surprise when I went to that section in the book Ray had included a story I shared with him where I had met George Beaman who was a torpedoman on Tunny in WWII and I later had the privilege to give his eulogy at his funeral on behalf of all Tunny sailors. What an honor. Thank you, Ray, and thank you for sharing the history and stories of the 282. You guys need to get a copy!



1/9/2019: Cynthia Sowden who provided editing services on early manuscript drafts.  She wrote, I received your package today, appropriately tied up in Navy blue and gold. Thank you! I didn't expect to receive a copy, so it was a very pleasant surprise. Now my husband Ralph will get to read the book. (He didn't while I was working on it.).  Cynthia's editing services can be acquired by contacting her at:

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note:  Husband Ralph was an airdale who served on Navy aircraft carriers.

1/9/2019:  Katheen Glass, the daughter-in-law, of John M. Glass, former Torpedoman who served on Tunny during SSG years of 1957-1958 wrote, Thank you, Ray! My husband is thrilled with the book. And very proud of his dad. It was gratifying to me to present it to him.  Thanks again, Kathleen.

1/8/2019:  David Newell Kelley (Hartford, Connecticut) SSG (1960-1963) wrote to me about reserving copy #282 a few days after he placed his order for one of my books.  I thought about it and several days later I told Dave that he could have that number.  He had been talking with his wife on 1/6/2019 that he had hoped he could get that numbered book.  She said "no way."  Well, his wish came true. He wrote, "You made my day!"

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Notes:  Dave, a Sonarman, remembered me and my red hair from the Tunny days sitting in the Yeoman Shack.  Hey Dave, was that you who kept hitting me on the back of my head while I sat in the Yeoman's Shack?

1/7/2019:  Alan Nebola served on Tunny SSN 682 and he wrote, I got my book. Thanks for writing it. I'm finding it very interesting.

1/4/2019:  William Pollock a former submariner and I exchanged emails about former Tunny CO, John Addison Scott.  He wrote that he was "...well-acquainted with John Scott's exploits in Tunny.  I read all his patrol reports when I was in SUBSCHOOL in New London in 1958.  Unfortunately, I never met him.  I have forwarded your web page to members of his family.  Unfortunately, his son, MacGregor Scott, a Naval Academy graduate and submarine officer passed away a several years ago. His children and his sister and her children are the ones to whom I forwarded your web page link.  I don't know if they will be interested in spending $150 to obtain the book.  If they are you may directly hear from them." 

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Note:  I told William Pollock that I appreciated his contacting John Scott's family about my book.  I also told him that the patrol reports very seldom mentioned names and that my book provided or filled-in that kind of information about who was serviing at the time on those six combat patrols.  I found a William Pollock served on the USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643) as a Lieutenant (junior grade) from 1968 to 1970. 

1/3/2019:  Mary Wrigely wrote the following message to me on, Hi Ray, just checking in on the publishing status of the book.  I gave my husband the card that you sent and he is so thrilled (as also is his mother - Paul's wife - Marla Myers) to take a look at the book.  Let me've made a few Myers family members very happy for sharing this information.:)

Boat Yeo Note SymbolBoat Yeo's Notes:  The family mentioned in this message are related to Paul C. Myers who was a guided missileman who served on Tunny during the SSG era. 

Boat Yeo Note Symbol1/4/2019:  For the record, the Tunny Books were not received from the Printers until 1/4/2019. They were promised ten days before but were delayed and were unable to be sent in time for Christmas giving. We here at Olszewski Enterprises regret any inconvenience this delay caused you and your loved ones.