The Kings Bay, Georgia Rendezvous


     In October 2019, 10 descendents of George Ellis Pierce, USS Tunny's third Commanding Officer attended the St. Mary's Annual World War II Submarine Veterans Memorial Event. Also at the event was Ray Olszewski, Author and Publisher of USS TUNNY: A History, Tribute, and Memoir.  Ray and Janet Whitman Pierce arranged for the Pierce family to donate the Tunny's WW II Battle Flag replica to the St. Marys Submarine Museum who hosted the memorial event where it all happened. On hand from the Pierce family were:  George Pierce's daughters, Judy and Janet.  Also attending were grand son Duncan, grand daughter Catherine, and their families. The family traveled from Washington, D.C., Dallas, Texas, and the Cayman Islands to attend the event. Catherine shared the photo shown below.


     George Ellis Pierce would be proud.

Tunny WW II Battle Flag Presentation