Stephen Brown Edds who served on the USS Tunny (SSG-282) from 13 November 1956 to 27 June 1958 was born on 18 December 1936 in Summitt, New Jersey.  He joined the Navy as a reservist in 1956 and attended Enlisted Submarine Basic School in New London, Connecticut the same year.  He reported to Tunny his first submarine while it was in Mare Island, California where undergoing repairs and further modifications to its becoming the Navy's first guided missile submarine.  While aboard Tunny, Edds became a member of the Engineering Gang and quickly made Third Class Engineman. He also became qualified in submarines. Stephen Edds did not stay in the navy very long and fulfilled his two-year active duty obligation before returning to civilian life.  There is little known about his civilian life but efforts are underway to connect with his family to find out more.  On 1 July 2000, Stephen Brown Edds departed on Eternal Patrol. 


    Stephen B. Edds is listed in USS TUNNY: A History, Tribute, and Memoir by Raymond Vance Olszewski. Copies of the limited edition book are still available but limited in number and for sale on the author's website,


    In 1999, Edds made a significant contribution by writing several articles that adds even more information to the Tunny's unique history. Edds wrote mostly in his articles about his time serving on Tunny when it was becoming the only guided missile submarine in operation and its relocating to Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii.  Edds' articles describes Tunny's move to Hawaii as well as trips to Adak, Kodiak, and Dutch Harbor.  He does not mention names of individuals he talks about in his articles, but perhaps some of us who served in that time frame might remember who they are.  He does mention Tunny's CO, Walter Dedrick and Frank Slattery. He talks about another officer, an unidentified Lieutenant (junior grade) who screwed up and was transferred off of the boat.  Edds added several photographs of Tunny and former crewmembers not seen before.  If you should remember anything about the crewmembers or that which Edds describe, I hope you will share by sending me an email ( to update this article. 


     I purchased the three copies that were being sold on eBay of the three Sea Classics magazines.  I scanned them all and they are available at the links below which can be downloaded in either Word.docx or .pdf formats. Id' recommend the .pdf files as they are much clearer and readability.  The plan is to donate the magazines to the St. Marys Submarine Museum to be placed in the USS TUNNY file that is located there. Should you have memorabilia and/or articles, please consider donating them to the St. Marys Submarine Museum where they will be of use to others.


     Sea Classics November 1999 Tunny Article in Word.docx format by Stephen B. Edds.

     Sea Classics Novemer 1999 Tunny Article in .pdf format by Stephen B. Edds

     Sea Classics December 1999 Tunny Article Word.docx format by Stephen B. Edds

     Sea Classics December 1999 Tunny Article .pdf format by Stephen B. Edds

     Sea Classics January 2000 Tunny Article in Word.docx format by Stephen B. Edds

     Sea Classics January 2000 Tunny Article in .pdf format by Stephen B. Edds


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